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Microsoft Launch ‘Surface Earbuds’ For $320

Microsoft has launched its first pair of true wireless earbuds (‘Surface Earbuds’) in Australia for A$319.95, landing down under on May 12.

The earbuds’ outer sections act as touchpads, with gesture controls to adjust volume, take phone calls, skip music, engage with a smart assistant and more. Functionality can be changed via the Surface Audio app.

The sleek earbuds claim to offer excellent ‘omnisonic sound’, a dual-mic array (for phone calls), secure fit and seamless functionality.

Unlike Microsoft’s over-ear headphones there is no formal noise cancellation capabilities.

One-click pairing is available for compatible devices, coupled with Office 365 integration, office dictation and translation assistance.

Battery life comes in around 8 hours from a single charge, with the accompanying case offering an extra two full charges (24 hours total).

The charging case also supports wireless charging.

Pre-orders for the Microsoft Surface Earbuds are open now, with further information available in the below video:

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