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Microsoft Launch ‘All-Digital’ Xbox One S

Following a slew of rumours and leaks, Microsoft has officially unveiled its new disc-free ‘All-Digital’ Xbox One S – an affordable alternative to a traditional Xbox One S, omitting a disc/Blu-Ray drive.

The product will release internationally later this month for US$249.

The omission of a disc-drive has allowed Microsoft to sell the product at the lowest starting point of any Xbox One so far.

Requiring a robust internet connection, users can build their own game library via Microsoft’s digital store, complemented by video streaming access to Neflix and more.

Despite being disc-free, the new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition offers largely the same specs as the Xbox One S.

For the first time, users will solely depend on a Microsoft hosted online games collection, rather than harnessing physical disc ownership which does not rely on an internet connection.

In the US, Microsoft will sweeten the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition with discounts on two subscription services; Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

As previously reported, Microsoft’s next generation gaming devices will include its streaming service ‘Project xCloud’.The platform complete with the likes of Google’s Arcadia.

Project xCloud will reportedly stream Xbox games to smartphones and other-non Xbox branded products.

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