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Microsoft Eyeballing EA To Reignite Xbox, Beat PlayStation

Microsoft could soon add a major acquisition to its gaming portfolio, following recent reports the company may purchase Valve or EA, in a bid to improve the success of its Xbox division.

Despite recent manoeuvers to enhance its Xbox One platform, the company is still reportedly significantly behind Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Valve is the organisation behind ‘Steam’ – heralded the world’s largest gaming service – whilst EA is the company behind notable titles such as; ‘FIFA’ and ‘Need for Speed’.

According to Polygon “a reliable close source to Microsoft” states the company is eyeballing EA, Valve and notable Korean developer ‘PUBG Corp’ of the wildly successful “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”.

Some commentators speculate Xbox One’s weaker position is due to a lackluster range of major exclusive games.

Regarding the validity of the news, Microsoft has informed media that it “does not comment on rumour or speculation”.

Some analysts speculate the probability of Microsoft purchasing EA is “close to zero”. However, the strategy would surround making EA games exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One and PCs.

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