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Microsoft 365 Adds New Defender Security Dashboard

Microsoft has announced a new cyber-security app that will roll out across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Borrowing its name from the previously released Microsoft Defender antivirus, the new Defender app will interact with other installed antivirus software as well as add other security features.

The functionality of the new app will vary on different platforms, with iOS and iPadOS devices receiving no antivirus, but will instead have anti-phishing protection.

Android will have antivirus protection and scanning for dangerous applications, alongside web phishing protection.

The new app has not been designed to replace standard antivirus or even the current Windows Security app, but as a dashboard or hub.

“The expansion of our security portfolio with Microsoft Defender for individuals is the natural and exciting progression in our journey as a security company,” said corporate vice president of Microsoft security, Vasu Jakkal.

“This is just the start. As we look forward, we will continue to bring more protections together under a single dashboard, including features like identity theft protection and secure online connection.”

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