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Media Agency Chep Struggling To Pay Bills, Samsung ‘Not Happy’.

Media agency CHEP appear to have problems paying the bills of clients, including the likes of Samsung, with one media Company not paid for several months despite Samsung approving the payments.

ChannelNews is aware of one bill for more than $40,000 that was submitted back in October that has still not been paid despite Samsung management claiming, “It should have been.”

When the media Company approached the agency 90 days after the 30-day invoice bill was due to be paid they were given a three-page legal document titled “Transparency & Security Quality Parameters” that had nothing to do with the payment of the Samsung-approved invoice.

The opening paragraph of the document claims, “This paper discusses the OMG rules of engagement regarding transparency of delivery & data security that we expect our partners to work to. We believe this will result in better quality media being bought on behalf of our clients.”

Despite the document being signed mor e than30 days ago, the media Company has still not been paid.

There was no mention of why the business was not able to pay the outstanding invoice in a timely manner, with the Woke document more about the management of data and websites than conditions for payment of invoices.

ChannelNews understands that CHEP has already been paid by Samsung Australia, who have failed to explain why the media Company has not been paid.

The agency, part of Omnicom-owned Clemenger Group, has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and has not given any reason for their client’s invoices not being paid.

One invoice for more than $40,000 has been outstanding for more than 116 days.

Recently, Samsung Electronics Australia launched a campaign via CHEP encouraging Australians to Google random search terms with the chance of getting retargeted by ads about its Galaxy Z Flip.

Mark Tallis, creative director for CHEP Network, claims people who searched for the winning ad had their algorithms flooded with organic content about the Galaxy Z Flip4 – reviews, content and unboxing videos.

Last year, the CEO of Chep Justin Hind admitted the business had had to undergo a major change. Some claim this was because they were struggling and were facing management problems.

In a media release, he said, “That change has been a catalyst for us to reimagine our business around the new economy, and the development of a new agency model that will ensure creativity, media, technology, and data is at the heart of supporting our clients’ continued growth, no matter the challenge or channel.”

Calls to Chep’s Sydney-based switchboard listed on their website go unanswered.

A spokesperson for Samsung says, “We are not happy with this situation. We have spoken to Chep management.”

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