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Massive Discounts Offered On New Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphones

Serious questions are being asked as to why Samsung and Amazon are not offering their new Galaxy S21 smartphones which are selling in the USA at hundreds of dollars off the original recommended price to their Australian customers.

Weeks after launching in Australia, Samsung is selling their all new 128GB Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with Pro-Grade Camera, 8K Video, 108MP High Res and 128GB of memory for A$1,261 dollars on Amazon USA, the same device is selling on Amazon Australia for $1,804.

It’s the same price at Telstra, Optus and several CE retailers.


Amazon is offering to ship the discounted USA device which has a Qualcomm processor to Australia however as ChannelNews was tracking the USA site stock appeared to run out due to heavy demand.

It appears that Samsung has slashed prices for its Galaxy S21 series on Amazon in the USA as part of a “Samsung Week on Amazon”.

The big question is why Australian consumers are not being given the opportunity to purchase the popular smartphone on the Amazon Australia site.

The US promotion runs through to February 28th or 29th in Australia.

The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are $100 to $250 off their launch prices which in the USA appear to be significantly less than the launch prices in Australia.

The base Galaxy S21 is marked down to US$699, or A899 that’s just $100 more than the Galaxy S21 FE being offered at mass retailers in Australia.

The Galaxy S21+ is down to US$799, or A$1009. The same device is currently retailing in Australia for $1,649 a saving of $600. The shipping cost to Australia if you have an Australia Post US ShopMate address is around $45.

Amazon offer to Ship the Samsung device to Australia for $160.

The big deal if you can get it is the top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra which is selling in the USA for only $999 for a $128GB model. The $256GB model is selling for $1,179 Vs $2,149 in Australia.

Samsung’s actually heavily discounting the higher-storage variants of all three Galaxy devices in the USA with the top end model close to $900 cheaper than the Australian models.

Samsung says it’ll have further discounts on TVs, soundbars, monitors, and audio accessories later this week in the USA with Amazon offering to ship to Australia.

We are still waiting for a comment from both Amazon and Samsung in Australia as to why these promotions are not being offered in Australia.



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