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Majority Of Aussie Business Cyber Security Not Up To Scratch

SYDNEY: Most Australian companies believe their cyber security investments are inefficient, as the number of businesses hit by security breaches has increased by 50 percent.

The problem is thought to be affecting 80 percent of Australian businesses, which in the past few months have been exacerbated by security flaws with the stress created by the coronavirus pandemic, according to Accenture.

In its third State of Cyber Resilience Research report, Joseph Failla, security head at Accenture A/NZ, said the pandemic is putting a greater strain on existing security systems.

“Now, more than ever, cyber security is an increasing challenge for Australian organisations, as the prevalence of sophisticated and insidious cyber-attacks continues to grow,” he said.

According to the report, only 43 percent of Australian businesses are actively protected by security measures. 

As a result, attacks are slipping through the gaps, with 55 percent of attacks breaching security measures and 62 per cent impacting business operations.

However, more than half of security breaches are being detected and fixed quickly, Accenture says, with 62 percent of breaches being detected in less than a day and 71 per cent being fixed within 15 days.

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