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Major Sport To Test HDR Broadcasting In 2021

Formula One will perform its first HDR broadcast tests this year, though a full rollout may yet be a while off.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, F1 director of media rights Ian Holmes billed HDR (High Dynamic Range), which offers higher contrasts, more vivid colours, and brighter images, as the next major advancement in F1 broadcasting.

“One of the things that we’re specifically looking at… is HDR, high dynamic range, which is very effective for fast-moving objects. We will be conducting tests this year, and that for us I think is potentially the next stage of an offering,” he said.

Holmes cautioned, however, that many broadcasters may not yet have the capacity to accept and transmit HDR footage.

“The other thing is sometimes you produce this wonderful technology, and the broadcasters have the ability [to show it], but people’s devices are not capable of taking it.

“There is a sweet spot. But that feed has got to be as good as it can be from every perspective,” he said.

Formula One is broadcast in Australia via Foxtel and its sports streaming platform Kayo.

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