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Lululemon To Sell Smart Fitness Mirrors In Retail Stores

Athleisure giant, Lululemon, is set to sell its ‘Mirror’ fitness-centric smart displays from within retail stores this year, following its acquisition of the company for US$500 million.

Reflecting consumer buying trends, the company has reportedly lift its marketing spend for Mirror to leverage a rise in home health and fitness prompt by the coronavirus pandemic.

Disclosed within an investor earnings call, Lululemon has also increased its projected sales for cast for Mirror smart displays through the remainder of 2020.

Mirror sells ~US$1,500 smart mirrors which allow users to stream and participate in workout classes from the comfort of home within its intuitive touch screen.

The smart mirrors are positioned as an option to traditional gyms, with its interactive screen playing workouts, tracking personal progress, and offering the opportunity to monitor form.

The news follows a content partnership between the two companies, with several workout and meditation classes held by Lululemon ambassadors on the Mirror platform.

Lululemon claims it’s already seeing early momentum from Mirror, with the company moving to sell from a handful of retail outlets this year, and expanding to more locations in 2021. Local availability and pricing is yet to be confirmed.

It comes after Lululemon reported a notable 157% lift in Q2 e-commerce sales, coinciding with coronavirus related store closures.

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