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Logitech Launching Multi-Purpose Articulating Webcam

The newly announced Logitech Reach is an HD webcam mounted on a flexible arm, designed with content creators and teachers in mind, and should allow users to display close-ups of products or objects for a more interactive viewing experience.

The flexibility of the new Logitech StreamCam webcam should allow users to get different perspectives and angles, helpful for teachers but also anyone creating content or for the workplace, and incorporates a button for vertical movement and lossless zoom for a max of 4.3x.

The Reach is equipped for video conferencing, presentations and has built-in guidance indicators so the image stays in view when the camera is moved.

Logitech says this webcam is easy to use and set up and that after users clamp its base to the edge of a desk or table, they only need to turn the camera on and position it the way they want.

Additionally, the webcam removes the need for a second camera, and you can swap between above and front-facing viewpoints, which could allow for a smoother viewing experience.

The webcam also is said to correct its positioning with Reach’s feature of a rotating ring around the camera with visible markings indicating the straight orientation without having to check the screen.

Logitech has not yet released the Reach’s price and availability, but we imagine all will be revealed soon. To learn more, check out the Logitech website.

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