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Loewe’s Upcoming Premium Stellar OLED TV Series Confirmed For Australia

As exclusively tipped by ChannelNews, Indi Imports has officially announced the upcoming Loewe Stellar OLED TV series, which has been handmade in Germany, and has a modular structure and concrete back.

They boast a 360-degree design that can integrate into any living space. Its display cover has been created using authentic concrete, which sets it apart from other TV sets.

It combines lighting effects with a technical setup that creates a new level of viewing.

It comes with homemade OLED panels with an aluminium frame and concrete cover, a Loewe dual channel dr+ with SSD that allows multi-viewing and multi-recording.

For gaming, it has HDMI 2.1 connectivity and 144Hz VRR, as well as a “super-fast and smart” Loewe OS.

The W-OLED panels come from LG Display, with up to MLA (Micro Lens Array) and META technology in Ultra HD resolution. It also supports the latest format of HDR 10+ Adaptive.

The dual-channel chassis, paired with the double triple-tuners and a modern, fast, silent SSD recorder, the dr+ system offers multi-viewing and multi-recording from EPG programmed recording.

Tuners for DVB-T2/C/S2 HD, as well as a hidden CI CAM slot support various reception and recording scenarios.

The chassis SL950 comes with the latest NTK chipset, which includes a graphic AI neural processor unit, as well as the new Loewe OS.

It also includes the HDMI 2.1 standard on all four HDMI inputs, with eARC, ALLM and VRR in Ultra HD resolution up to 144Hz.

It comes with Bluetooth, four USB ports (2x USB-C), Wi-Fi, LAN, Toslink and connections for antenna, cable, and satellite.

It also supports broad-used DLNA, Miracast and Apple AirPlay, as well as Samsung SmartThings.

The Loewe OS is globally available, with an app store that offers an extra-large localised selection of smart apps and a range of video-on-demand services in every country market.

The TV also comes with two remote controls, the classic-sized Loewe Remote Stellar with program number buttons and controls for recording and video playback, as well as the Loewe Remote Stellar Mini with fewer buttons, but it includes Bluetooth and voice control functionality.

All connections on the TV are well hidden, and all cables are guided by integrated cable management and cable covers in the rear cabinet.

There’s a wall mount that allows extra slim wall mounting, and the VESA bolts support numerous wall solutions.

All Loewe Stellar TVs are equipped with integrated Loewe magic.light, which is a hidden LED light bar that provides discretely illuminated welcome and farewell animations, or atmospheric lighting.

It can be adjusted in any colour, at different brightness and saturation levels, as well as in various individual steps for animation duration. Additionally, it can be deactivated if desired.

Loewe magic.motion is a feature that rotates the TV on the motorised optional floor stand motor with a touch of a button on the Loewe remote.

Loewe Australia will be announcing the availability of these models in October. Pricing is as follows:

  • Loewe Stellar 77 dr+: A$13,999
  • Loewe Stellar 65 dr+: A$9,999
  • Loewe Stellar 55 dr+: A$7,499
  • Loewe Stellar 48 dr+: A$6,499
  • Loewe Stellar 42 dr+: A$5,499

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