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Loewe Promises Better TV Audio With Age-Based Personalisation

Loewe has introduced a novel age-based sound personalisation feature. Dubbed Mimi Defined, it’s been produced in partnership with international sound personalisation experts, Mimi Hearing Technologies.

Mimi Defined effectively creates personalised TV experiences. Using the technology, users can adapt TV audio to individual hearing characteristics. Loewe suggests that spoken detail in music, film, and documentaries can be perceived more easily by the listener, and sounds can therefore be distinguished better.

Previously only available on headphones, the Mimi Defined calibration process creates a profile based on the listener’s year of birth. Audio content is then analysed in real time and adjusted to a preset sensitivity. In the Loewe user interface, in the sound settings menu, Mimi Defined can be switched on and off and adjusted by remote control.

“For Loewe the sound in a television is just as important as the imagery,” says Mark Hüsges, CEO of Loewe. “Loewe combines the highest-quality hardware with the latest software to offer our customers the best-possible TV experience both in terms of sound and imagery. Now, the dialogue in your favourite series will be as razorsharp as the images.”

The technology is certainly intriguing, and goes some way to combating the criticism of muffled TV sound. However, given that most TV watching is a social activity, which in a family situation involves the ears of young and old alike, it’s unclear just how a tailored experience could be produced that’s satisfactory to all.

Watch this space for more.

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