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Linksys To Launch Killer Router At PAX

Linksys has signed a three-year deal as the official networking partner for PAX Australia where they will launch their new Killer-branded gaming router according to sources.

The partnership with PAX means that Linksys will provide attendees with its networking equipment, including switches that will provide fast and reliable networking functionality in the Console & PC free-play areas.

“The PC and Console Free-play areas are integral to PAX Aus. Having Linksys on board for the next three years to manage the networking demands of those two large-scale, complex setups means our attendees can focus on awarding bragging rights in community tournaments and no one can blame poor performance on lag. As it should be,” said Luke Lancaster, Content Manager, PAX Aus.

Linksys debuted the first Killer-branded router, the WRT32x early this year.

‘Killer” technology, which is developed by Rivet Networks prioritises internet traffic. Meaning that gamers are able to prioritise their own traffic ahead of others using the wireless router. It is commonly found in PCs, but the technology is scarce in routers.

In 2013, Belkin completed its acquisition of Linksys from Cisco. Linksys was bought by its fellow competitor in 2003 for $500 million, and the deal allow for Linksys to retain its name.

Pax Australia 2017 is at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre this October 27-29.


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