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LG Admits New 5K Monitor Doesn’t Play Well With Wi-Fi

Announced back in October alongside Apple’s refreshed lineup of Macbooks, LG have now admitted their ‘Ultrafine’ 5K monitors possess a major flaw.

Described by Apple’s Phil Schiller as ‘the ultimate docking station’ and priced at an RRP of $1416.95, it turns out that the high-end display suffers from a manufacturing flaw that prevents it from functioning if it’s setup within two meters of your router.

Flickering image quality has also been reported by some users.

News of the problem spread after disgruntled customers complained to the BBC, with one customer describing the monitor as “simply not ready for public release.”

LG have since apologised for the inconvenience and advised that Ultrafine 5K monitor manufactured from February 2017 will have “enhanced shielding” to protect the display from electromagnetic interference.

They say customers experiencing persistent problems should contact LG in order to arrange additional electromagnetic shielding for their monitor.

“Changing the location or positioning of either the router or the display should resolve the issue,” LG said.

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