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LG Teases OLED Flagship Smartphone

LG has announced its next flagship smartphone will feature a 6-inch OLED display, in the lead up to the expected launch of the V30 later this month.

Continuing the ‘FullVision’ bezel-less design introduced in the V20 last year, LG said the new plastic OLED smartphone display would be its largest in four years.

Despite the larger display, a 20% reduction in the upper bezel and a 50% reduction to the lower bezel compared to the LG V20, along with the LG logo being moved from the front to the back, has resulted in a smartphone body that is smaller than the V20.

The company said it had chosen to begin producing OLED smartphones again for the first time in two years as an extension of its “OLED leadership” in the premium TV market.

“Expertise in OLED has long been a core competency of LG, and the technology has always been seen as a potential value-add for smartphones,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

“With competition in the global smartphone space fiercer now than ever, we felt that this was the right time to reintroduce OLED displays in our mobile products.”

Plastic OLED technology enables the edges of the smartphone to be curved “for a more ergonomic design and a better feel in the hand” according to LG, while Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protects against screen shatter and advanced encapsulation and pixel-scanning technology help to avoid screen burn-in.

The QHD+ (1440×2880) resolution display supports HDR10 and is able to deliver 148% of the sRGB colour space and 109% of the DCI-P3 colour space.

LG also said the OLED display was “ideal for VR” due to the technology’s fast operational response time, which the company said was ten times faster than LCD.

The V30 will reportedly be unveiled at IFA on August 31 before becoming available worldwide in late September.

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