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LG Signature Range To Launch In Oz


LG who are not known for their PR prowess has chosen the first day of IFA press conferences in Berlin to hold a local press conference for their LG Signature range.

The decision to hold the local event comes as most leading consumer electronic journalists are attending IFA.

Set to be held at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art tonight, LG said the event will see the launch of the “ultra-premium brand spanning across multiple categories”.

“The new range has come out of three years of preparation but comes at a time when there’s a clear shift in consumer trends – Australians no longer just look for furnishings to create a home, they want to build a space that fits their needs perfectly,” LG said.

The company did not announce what products will be unveiled at the event, but said that “connected homes” were a big focus of the new LG Signature range.

LG announced two new LG Signature appliances in the US yesterday – a Top Control Dishwasher and a Double Oven Range – and earlier this year launched the 4mm-thin Wallpaper OLED TV under the LG Signature brand.

More information about the LG Signature range will be known following the launch event. The original LG Premier range was launched 18 months ago at CES but retailers were reluctant to range the LF offering.

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