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LG Rolls Out Sneak Peek For Convertible Smartphone Tablet At CES 2021

‘Rollable’ is the name that LG has given their new mobile/tablet prototype that got a look in at the end of the South Korean Companies CES presentation.

The device is the first smartphone that transforms from mobile to tablet and back again at the press of a button however from the small reveal at CES it’s hard to work out how one activates the larger display screen.

In the LG video, you could see the display retracting in someone’s hands quite easily.

Right now, the product is merely a concept, part of LG’s “Explorer Project” experiments, and we still don’t know what technology LG is using to deliver the slider, or the size of the expandable display.

LG has previously used its Explorer Project to introduce its LG Wing smartphone, with a wild rotating design and two OLED displays.

Observers claim the LG Rollable could be an excellent alternative to the Samsung foldable phone.

Toms Guide claimed that instead of worrying about a hinge that may break or foldable screens that could break in the cold, the display would likely extend using the same type of technology LG pioneered for its super expensive LG Rollable OLED TV which has still not been released in Australia.

Insiders claim the device could grow to as large as 7.4 inches in tablet mode with a resolution of 2428 x 1080. It’s also tipped to have a Snapdragon 888 processor and 16GB of RAM, as well as a large battery.

The sticking point could be the price which is tipped to be over $3K

Although it was a very brief tease, the LG Rollable is already in the hot new product category for CES 2021.



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