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CES 2021: D-Link Turns Older Notebooks Into Wi Fi 6 Speed Powerhouses With Added Security

D-Link has moved to deliver blistering Wi Fi speeds for older notebooks with a CES 2021 roll out of an “industry-first” Wi-Fi 6 adapter built into a USB stick.

This allows older notebooks to suddenly get a massive broadband boost up to 1,200mps which of course the NBN can’t deliver in Australia.

The device only works if the feed is from a Wi Fi 6 router making it ideal if you have gone out and bought a new generation Wi Fi 6 router but still have an older or Company notebook.

Most notebooks only support Wi-Fi 5.

Devices that support it can communicate with routers more efficiently, which can lead to improved performance across a network. Wi-Fi 6 devices also support more secure connections.

The adapter will be available in the second quarter of 2021 for around $149.

D-Link has also announcing two new Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers, that look high tech but could be mistaken for something else such as an air purifier.

Among the CES 2021 range is the AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 USB 3.0 Adapter (DWA-X1850), AI M32 AX3200 Wi-Fi 6 AI Mesh Router (D-Link AI M32) and AX1800 Scalable Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-LX1870) more news when they are released in Australia including local pricing.

The D-Link AI Series features hardware AI enhancements to bring superior network performance, optimizing data flow and ensuring seamless roaming within your home mesh network.

The D-Link AI M32 combines next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and mesh technology at AX3200 speeds. Perfect for large homes with lots of connected devices.

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