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LG Push Smart Home In Virtual IFA 2020 Exhibition

LG has launched its first IFA virtual exhibition, demoing the benefits of convenient, smart home technology to resonate with home-bound customers during the coronavirus crisis.

The virtual exhibition offers a realistic rendering of Hall 18 of Messe Berlin, and gives visitors the opportunity to explore LG’s latest tech innovations from the safety of their home.

The Korean tech giant’s virtual exhibition is on show throughout September, and comes after IFA 2020 cancelled its in-person trade show due to COVID19 travel restrictions.

Upon entering the online exhibit, visitors can ‘sit’ at the back and receive a curated tour with a virtual guide, or experience a tutorial on how to navigate the ‘booth’ from a map.

Also available are clickable products, presenting a slew of technical specifications and features.

The ‘entry’ welcomes visitors with a virtual installation of its flexible OLED screen panels – the ‘New Wave’ – which also featured to in-person attendees at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The virtual Home Cinema Zone includes a Gaming Zone, with a plethora of products on show including its rollable TV.

Smart home appliances are presented through seven dedicated zones, demonstrating a slew of interconnected uses including washing, cleaning, cooking and more.

Guests can experience LG’s IFA 2020 virtual exhibition here.

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