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COMMENT:Why Apple Is Missing Steve Jobs + Why Samsung Has An Edge

COMMENT:Why Apple Is Missing Steve Jobs + Why Samsung Has An Edge

The large iPhone 6 has not lived up to the hype and is not a serious threat to Samsung, it lacks innovation is too thin resulting in it easily bending, it’s also too tall.

The iPhone 6 also has problems with built in cameras according to several reports. 

Even with its new “focus-pixel” autofocus and optical image stabilization (in the iPhone 6 Plus), the cameras have a fundamental flaw in how the cameras capture colours.”

Tom’s Hardware tested the cameras on the two new iPhone 6 models (regular and Plus) and noted that the white balance in the resulting photos was inconsistent so that they looked “slightly purple or magenta.”

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At this week’s Opera House Launch in Sydney Samsung revealed that they are the true leaders in the large screen smartphone market and they are not shying away from premium pricing for a device that truly demonstrates what can be done with a small technologically advanced device.

Samsung has not only improved the functionality of their Note 4 they have significantly advanced the capability of the stylus S pen and the overall functionality of the device.

The Pen, which is embedded with the Note, and doubles as a mouse for a PC, meaning that Samsung phablets support multi-tasking.

There was not a lot of innovation in the new iPhones, Samsung already does thin, with their tablets and S5 smartphone. 

Under the bonnet the iOS8 software is already on its second fix after the first fix went pear shaped by locking users out of mobile networks. 

And when it comes to software one has to also recognise that with Samsung smartphone you are getting the better of two worlds, firstly there is the Google Android OS and Google’s appetite for highly functional software coupled with what Samsung is laying on the top. 

Then there is the issue of manufacturing, Apple don’t make any of their products while Samsung do, in fact Samsung make components for Apple. Their AMOLED display technology which is manufactured in Samsung factories is among the best in the world and when it comes to the integration of technology inside a device as small or as large as the Note 4 Samsung is in a better position than the likes of Chinese Company Foxconn who makes the iPhone 6 under contract to Apple.

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The really standout for me is the Samsung Edge, this is real innovation unlike the iPhone 6 Plus which is trying to play catch up to the Samsung Note devices.

 The Edge with its unique design is out there riding the next big wave in smartphone innovation something that Apple is not doing which I suspect is because Steve Jobs is no longer driving innovation.
 When I first picked up the Note Edge my first reaction was “neat smart innovative” then I realised that the slanting edge of the screen that delivers content was on the wrong side for me, because I am left handed.

This meant that my palm got in the way of the unique messaging system. Then I found out that Samsung had fixed the problem by making the screen completely flippable. Now my home button is on top of the screen.

So who is the winner? Sales in the short term may dictate Apple but I suspect that consumers will quickly wake up that Samsung is the trend setter with better manufacturing capability, and products that are ahead of their competition. 

Yes Apple invented the first real smartphone but that was when Steve Jobs was in charge. What have they done since his departure, other than some cosmetic changes and tweaks to software?  

Samsung are hungry to succeed and while they still don’t have the brand clout of Apple they have that ingredient that got Avis to #1 in the world of car rentals “They Try Harder” and they will succeed.