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Game On: Nintendo New 3DS + XL’s Hit OZ

Game On: Nintendo New 3DS + XLAnnounced by Nintendo Direct Australia via YouTube, the consoles have a new C Stick (on the top right hand corner), ZL and ZR button for better play controls, and new “super-stable 3D” function enhances gaming experience by constantly recognising the position of the users face, says Tom Enoki, MD, Nintendo Australia. 

XL comes in two colours – metallic black and metallic blue and 3DS comes in white. Gamers can customise the 3DS console with groovy new back covers. 

The handheld 3DS costs A$219.95 and 3DS XL will set you back $249.95 on sale November 21. 

Nintendo has suffered major losses at the hands of XBox and PlayStation and are hoping these new 3D devices will put it back in the game.  

On the XL, the upper wide-screen LCD display measures 4.88 inches showing approximately 16.77 million colors with 800 x 240 pixel res. (400 pixels allocated to each eye to enable 3D visuals), while the lower screen measures 4.18 inches. 

Both newbies have increased CPU power so better download speed and smoother web browsing. 

Nintendo are also developing exclusive new 3D titles with super cool graphics, says Enoki. 

The 3DS XL weighs 329 grams so less than old XL, but is slightly larger. 

It promises 3.5 to 7 hours when using Nintendo 3DS software and longer when using DS. 

On the new 3DS model, the LCD screens are also 1.2 times bigger than the existing 3DS – 3.88 inches on top screen (800 x 240) and 3.33″ on the lower screen, weighs approx 253g, and features a Micro DS card. 

Both have Near Field Communication (NFC) enables the use of amiibo action figures by exchanging the cover plates, sold separately. 

There’s also new gaming experiences with amiibo compatibility on the new Super Smash Bros 3DS.

Both 3DS and XL promise gamers better battery with “automatic brightness adjustment”, which changes automatically according to the ambient lighting meaning longer battery in dark places and becomes shorter in bright places.  “Energy saving mode” also allows for longer play.  

Both new Nintendos don’t come with AC Adapter which is sold separately (AU$14.95) or gamers can use existing Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSi/DSi XL systems.  A charging cradle is also sold separately for $14.95. 

Fantasy life is released on 27 September, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nes remix new pokomon titles are coming soon.