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Lenovo To Bring Back Good Old Razr Flip Phone

It was once the hottest selling mobile phone in Australia, even David Beckham visited Australia to rave about it, now Lenovo is set to bring back the good old Razr flip phone that was initially made by Motorola a Company Lenovo acquired in 2014.

According to sources Lenovo will reveal a mew modern day version of the Razr at their tech conference in China next month however it is not known whether the Razr or in fact any of the popular Lenovo branded smartphones will be launched in Australia.

The Razr was first released in Australia in 2004 by Motorola, hundreds of thousands were sold, globally over 130 million units were sold by the US mobile Company who eventually struggled to compete up against Apple and Samsung.motorola-razr-v3-group-shot

Because of its striking appearance and thin profile, the Razr was initially marketed as an exclusive fashion phone, but it was not until a year later when the price was dropped it became a huge success, selling over 50 million units by July 2006, it eventually became the best-selling flip phone in the world to date.

In 2007, a second version, called the Razr2 was unveiled, which has an external touch screen.

In October 2011, Motorola resurrected the Razr brand for a line of Android smartphones, this model was only sold in the USA.

New figures reveal that Japanese shipments of traditional flip-phones rose in 2014 for the first time in seven years while smartphone shipments fell.

Experts say the figures highlight Japanese consumers’ tenacious attachment to the familiar and typically less expensive older models.

According to sources the new model will run Android and will contain duel OLED screens.

In Australia the Motorola brand has struggled and in the first quarter of 2016 sales slumped 85%. Lenovo claim that they are set to invest in the brand in Australia with the appointment of new management and an expanded marketing program.

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