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Lenovo The Fastest Growing Gaming PC Vendor Claims CEO

A move to PC gaming is fuelling growth for Lenovo Australia, according to CEO Matt Coddrington, with the local business claiming they are now the “fastest growing gaming vendor” in what is becoming a highly competitive market.

Speaking exclusively to ChannelNews at the launch of new Lenovo Legion gaming machines and a new range of premium next generation ultra-slim Windows 11 Yoga laptops Coddrington, was upbeat as to where Lenovo can go with their new range of gaming machines which face competition from several brands including Dell’s Alienware, Acer, MSI and ASUS.

“We are now hitting our straps with an incredible new range,” he said.

Among the models released by Lenovo yesterday is the Legion 7i which Lenovo executives are now claiming is the world’s most powerful 16-inch gaming laptops.

He acknowledged that after soft entry into the gaming market, Lenovo now has a range of Legion gaming PC’s that are “cutting edge” and are “comparable to anything out there.”

When asked what was driving PC growth in Australia, he said that the growth in E Sports, and a move to allow E Sports into classrooms with PC gaming making its way onto school agenda was one contributor.

He claims that “hundreds of schools” are now committed to e Sports classrooms, it’s a recognised direction by schools” he said.

“We have seen massive growth in gaming and one contributor is people working from home and looking for a machine for both business and leisure activities.”

He said that Lenovo was now the #1 PC brand in the education market and “having credibility” in this market helps.

He also acknowledged that the explosion in PC gaming software and streaming was also contributing to growth.

“On demand is now a requirement just like with movies.”

He also believes that the discretionary dollar that was once spent on going to the movies is now moving to gaming, and that the value consumers now get from services such as Microsoft’s Game Pass is growing.

Lenovo is also benefitting from a move by consumers to “better quality” laptops.

He said that with more people working from home Lenovo is witnessing demand for better specced and “More premium” notebooks with features such as improved web cams due the growth in video conferencing.

“They also want better performance so that they can game when they need to” he said.

Recently notebook sales started to decline after a big surge in demand between the start of COVID and 2021, in this period the industry witnessed unprecedented growth of 18%.

Recently worldwide shipments of traditional PCs declined 15.3% year over year to 71.3 million units in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22), according to International Data Corporation research.

This has not deterred Lenovo with Coddrington claiming that he believes that the Chinese PC giant can grow share in Australia with their new PC product offering.

According to Lenovo, demand for gaming machines and hybrid work lifestyles are likely to fuel growth.

Lenovo has identified digital Content Creation and demand for premium PC’s that allow consumers to multitask between content creation and gaming to be in demand despite inflation and a perceived slowdown in the market for PC’s.

The new series of Legion gaming laptops appear to strike a balance between slick design and and raw power machines needed for gaming.

Combined with powerful processors, the new range is able deliver performance with efficient heat dissipation and significantly improved battery performance.

Among the new Lenovo gaming laptops released yesterday is the Legion 7i and 7 (16”, 7) portable powerhouses, and a thin and light Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and 7i (16”, 7) laptop.

The new Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 are now the world’s most powerful 16-inch gaming laptops.

Joining the 16-inch QHD gaming category is the all-new Legion Slim 7i and 7 which is now available in a taller 16:10 display.

Lenovo claim that the new models have the world’s largest battery capacity on a 16-inch gaming laptop,1 they also reign as the world’s first 16-inch gaming laptops with FHD webcams for better streaming, and as the first 16-inch WQXGA (2560×1600) gaming laptops.

the new Lenovo Yoga range includes the 9i, Yoga Slim 7i Pro, and Yoga 7i they feature a new design with curved edges, inspired by smartphones.

Similarly, the Lenovo Yoga laptops now offer up to 4K resolution OLED display with 100 percent sRGB colour space coverage with a slim bezel design, and a 1080p web camera.

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