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Lenovo Respond To EBay and Retail Store Claims

Lenovo who late last year opened an EBay store as part of their eCommerce operation claims that only 5% of their sales come from their online operations.

Last week the head of Lenovo’s consumer business Brendan Lau refused to comment when we approached him after Lenovo said that they were set to open 100 retail stores in Asia Pacific.

Now Nick Reynolds the regional head of Marketing for Lenovo has responded with both an explanation of their eCommerce strategy and Lenovo plans to open retail stores in the Asia Pacific region.

“Globally 95% of Lenovo business goes through Business Partners/Channels. With only 5% Revenue going direct, Lenovo is a Channel First Company, including Australia & New Zealand”

“This is reflective of consumers move towards omni-channel shopping, Lenovo launched an eBay Store in 2016 like other vendors such as Samsung/Dell and several Lenovo Retail partners such as Officeworks, Bing Lee & The Good Guys.’’.

On the issue of Lenovo potentially opening retail stores Reynolds said ‘’Lenovo has over 5000 Lenovo Exclusive Stores in India, ASEAN & HTK (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) which are 100% owned and operated by Lenovo Business Partners”.
“These stores are being refreshed and updated to have new & expanded Legion Gaming Zones installed to lift Lenovo’s gaming brand & showcase our exciting new Gaming portfolio. There are currently no plans to introduce Lenovo Exclusive Stores to Japan, Australia or New Zealand Markets’’.

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