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Lenovo Getting Into Electric Scooters

Lenovo who has carved a name for itself in the PC market is now looking at doing their bit for the eco economy with the introduction of electric scooters.

The big Chinese Company already makes smartphones, smart watches, earbuds and earphones now wants to sell a smart electric scooter, what’s not known is whether the device will ever make it to Australia where some States such as NSW still ban the devices.

In China electric scooters are already an extremely popular means of transportation with the Lenovo Smart Electric Scooter M2 adopting a brand new patented folding design.

With their PC’s the Company is well known for their folding hinges found on the Yoga notebooks.

The Lenovo Smart Scooter M2 uses magnesium alloy materials widely used in aerospace, automotive and military developments.

Compared with the more popular aluminium alloy the Lenovo material has stronger impact resistance which guarantees user safety the Company claims.

Also built into this form of transport is a patented flat gear lock that improves the body structure of the scooter and the handling allowing it to be folded more easily than competing products, it can also be locked via an app.

The M2 scooter packs a 350W power, three gear levels, triple braking, and triple shock absorption systems. The battery is said to last for a mileage of 30Km which should be enough to get from a railway station to work or home of an evening without the need to catch a bus.

The pricing and availability details are yet to be revealed, this will be available when it is officially launched later this year.

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