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Leakster Says Sony PS5 Pre-Orders Coming In March, Good News After Slump In Sales

In yet another leak, tech titan Sony is rumoured to be releasing the latest PS5 next-generation device for pre-order in March.

Its speculated that the company will launch the PS5 at the Playstation Meeting in March with pre-orders being made available soon after.

Twitter user @PSErebus is behind the leak – and has previously correctly leaked the Last Part of Us Part 2’s release date – making him a credible source.

Despite the leaksters credibility and past success, other publishers still remain sceptical towards the claims.

(PS5 Mock-up. Source: TechSpot.)

The original tweet claiming pre-orders will begin in March was posted in December last year, with the tweeter continuously retweeting the claim and refusing to buckle under the pressure of other users who claim the next-gen console will be made available this month.

The news comes as Sony announced in 2018 its game division was slowing down to prepare for the release of the PS5.

The company’s sales figures for the third quarter of 2019 revealed a ‘significant’ 20 per cent drop in sales resulting from a decrease in the PS4 and third-party software sales.

Sales Slumped From PS4 Console

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