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Latest Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Combine New Technology With Classic Design

Bowers & Wilkins has launched its new 700 Series which the company said is the “best-performing range of loudspeakers in its class”.

Replacing Bowers & Wilkins’ CM Series, the 700 Series adopts a number of technologies first introduced in the 800 Series Diamond, including the company’s “cleanest and most transparent midrange cone material” in the Continuum midrange driver, while also introducing technologies like the new Carbon Dome tweeter for “sweeter, cleaner high-frequency performance”.

“With the launch of the new 700 Series, the much loved and hugely popular CM Series makes way for a new speaker family, delivering genuine high-end sound in a timeless and classic form factor. In our more than 50 year history, we’ve never made a speaker that delivers so much performance at a price level within reach of so many,” Bowers & Wilkins said.

Eight different speakers make up the 700 Series, including three floorstanding models, three stand-mount speakers and two dedicated centre channel speakers.

Two of the speakers – the floorstanding 702 S2 and the stand-mount 705 S2 – feature a Tweeter-On-Top design with Solid Body Tweeter technology, which uses aluminium rather than a hollow zinc housing for “a stiffer and less resonant structure”.

700 Series speakers also adopt a new version of the 800 Series Diamond’s Aerofoil cone for improved bass performance compared to the CM Series.

Bowers & Wilkins also unveiled a new single-driver subwoofer, the DB4S, which features a single 10in Carbon Aerofoil forward-firing drive unit, 1000w of amplification and a digital preamp section.

The 700 Series speakers and the DB4S will be available in Gloss Black, Satin White and Rosenut finishes and will be sold at selected Bowers & Wilkins dealers from October.

Pricing for the full range is available below:

702 S2 (floor stander) – $6,500/pair

705 S2 (shelf/stand-mount) – $3,499/pair

703 S2 (floor stander) – $4,699/pair

704 S2 (floor stander) – $3,799/pair

706 S2 (shelf/stand-mount) – $2,199/pair

707 S2 (shelf/stand-mount) – $1,499/pair

HTM71 S2 (centre) – $1,799 each

HTM72 S2 (centre) – $1,199 each

FS-700 S2 (stand) – $799/pair

DB4S (subwoofer) – $2,799 each

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