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82% In Oz Prefer LG 3D After Blind Test

At a launch today in Sydney, LG announced a strategic relationship with RedBull where they will deliver Redbull radio, Redbull TV and Redbull records to their SmartTV offering.

Tim Barnes, the Marketing Manager Consumer Electronics at LG Australia, said following the launch of cinema 3D in Australia the Korean company had increased sales of 3D TV ‘fourfold’.

However he admitted that adoption of 3D TV was low with between 10 and 20 percent of users turning to the technology.

LG also announced the launch of a relationship with Oakley as they launched a $159 pair of Oakley passive 3D glasses.

Barnes said that the research was done over 5 states with a sample base of 4,060 consumers.

When questioned about the research he said blind testing was conducted, with neither the Samsung, Sony nor LG branding visible. The branding on the active and passive 3D glasses was also concealed.

The company has also announced an association with the PGA with the inclusion of a new Golf app on their smartTVs.

According to LG over 4,000 Australian consumers took part in the Cinema 3D Challenge, which involved a blind test being set-up at Westfield shopping centres in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA in October 2011. TNS Global managed the preference test for the Cinema 3D Challenge and collated and analysed all results. 

Participants were given the opportunity to view a demo reel on unbranded LG Cinema 3D TV and LED* 3D TVs from Sony and Samsung. They were then asked to choose which viewing experience they preferred with over 80 per cent selecting LG Cinema 3D TV.

Commenting on the preference study TNS Global director of technology, Marcus Pritchard said, “Whilst consumers are interested in 3D TV technology they really want to experience it themselves before making the leap to purchase. The blind test scenarios were created so that consumers could choose which 3D TV viewing experience they preferred.”

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Pepsi Challenge, the ongoing marketing promotion run by PepsiCo since 1975, the Cinema 3D Challenge sought to uncover what 3D TV viewing experience consumers preferred putting LG up against the leading LED 3D TV brands. 

More to follow.