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Mac Passport To Apple’s Time Machine $249

Mac Passport To Apple’s Time Machine $249

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My Passport For Mac

The dual FireWire ports provide “blazing fast” upload and transfer speeds while also allowing users to daisy chain additional drives or other peripheral devices.

The hard drive is an ideal for graphic designer photographer, or creative professional that produces large of digital content on the move.

My Studio also features encryption and password protection software.

My Passport Studio comes in 500GB for $249 and 1TB option which will set you back $349.

The second WD hard drive, My Passport for Mac is a back-up source for music, videos, photos and other content, powered through USB.

It is also hardy and sports an boasts the all-metal design scratch resistance. The 500GB model costs $179, while the 1TB version is $299 and are available in New Zealand also.

“Whether you are a member of the creative community or simply use your Mac to enjoy digital content on-the-go, users will find the perfect portable storage solution with WD’s My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac high-capacity portable hard drives,” said Jim Welsh, Western Digital, Australia.

“We know the value our customers place on their digital content, which is why we set demanding requirements for durability, security, and long-term reliability, with all our drives.”