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Sennheiser’s First Ever Amplifier Revealed


The new HDVD 800 is an amplifier designed specifically for headphones that can sample frequencies up to 24bit/192kHz. This allows it to transmit audio from high end sources without any loss of frequency.

Compatible with analogue and digital audio sources, it adopts a fully symmetrical layout for balanced sound transmission.

Although it comes with specially made cabling that enables the symmetrical connection to headphones, the headphones can plug into the amplifier via a normal 6.3mm jack. Digital sources are connected to the rear of the unit as an AES/EBU input, S/PDIF (optical and coaxial) or USB. The USB 2.0 audio standard offers 24 bit data transmission at 192 KHz.

Pricing for the HDVD800 will be revealed closer to its September launch.

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