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Samsung to Launch Appliance Store-in-Store?

Sources have told CN of a Samsung appliance store-in-store, due to be rolled out shortly. The brand could also do something similar with the AV category.   

Samsung are said to be working on the concept in a secret location, which will soon be seeing the light of day in retail. 
No word on which retailer will be housing the Samsung appliances store-in-store, a branding concept which Dick Smith first unveiled earlier this month, with Samsung, Apple and Sony mini stores-in-stores, selling phones, tablets and audio. 
The store-in-store is likely to feature Samsung appliances – navibots, smart fridges, washing machines, ovens, in action under one brand roof, complete with Samsung ‘blueshirts’ demoing the new interconnectivity of the sexed up white goods, in a kitchen environment.
Samsung pop-up store at Sydney Opera House for launch of S4.

Demoing the credentials of smart appliances that are, among other things, Wi-Fi connected and practical benefits – like being able to control your washing machine via smartphone – is something the mobile giant is likely eager to show off to the consumer. 

“Seeing is believing” says Mike Lilly, Samsung’s Head of Home Appliance in an interview with CN, yesterday. 
“That’s going to be one of the keys for us..actually being able to show [the consumer] that product” referring to the new 890 litre French Door SodaStream fridge launched yesterday in Oz.  
“With Home appliances it is very hard to show innovation physically, but with features like sparking water, [adjustable] shelves we can physically show that.”
However, Lilly refused to comment on speculation when questioned but did say:  
“We’re always looking at ways to innovative instore, its an area that has big potential for change.”
“Its about encouraging, exciting people about appliances moving away from where the industry has been for many years.” 

“We’re seeing the beginning of the connected” home, he said, noting the Korean giant has, of late, launched washing machines, fridges, air conditioning units, all Internet connected and smartphone controlled. 
Samsung already has two standalone retail stores in Australia, showcasing its AV and mobile gear.