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CEDIA Integrators Told To Go After Lighting & Wireless Business

CEDIA Integrators Told To Go After Lighting & Wireless Business

They include dimmable LED lighting systems, robust wireless-network gear, and high-performance audio and motorized window-shade systems.

They claim that these categories can compensate for the collapse in demand for automated homes built around cable and the collapse in demand for HDTV integration 

Steven Rissi, CEDIA’s technical projects manager has started talking up a potential resurgence in installed home-control touchscreens claiming that consumers realise that for day-to-day control of home systems, “you need something in the room that doesn’t move around.” Tablets and smartphones, he said, are “a great supplement” to an installed touchscreen.

Rissi said that the emergence of new wireless audio systems that eliminate the need for cable, creates an opportunity to sell robust wireless-network equipment to make the audio systems work properly, he said.

High-performance audio will also undergo a renaissance as consumers, initially attracted to digital music files because of convenience, are now demanding higher performance, Rissi said.

He said that new growth-category products will be exhibited at this year’s US CEDIA show they will include a high-power dual-band, multi-stream 802.11n wireless access point and an 802.11ac gigabit wireless router.

He also singled out in-ceiling 24-volt dimmable LED lights, which require no back can because they generate little heat. In most jurisdictions including Australia, they can be installed by integrators who don’t have an electrician’s license, Rizzi said.

Australians attending the US show will also see the following claims Twice:

Leviton will show its Omnitouch 7 7-inch touchscreen with Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) which can be used to control security, energy, lights and entertainment systems.

In it’s first-ever exhibit at an Expo, Video Storm will bring its NBX010 module, which distributes live HDMI A/V via IP over a home network. Rizzi described it as an appropriate solution for mid-market installs in smaller homes.

In other introductions, he said, Prima Cinema will bring its solution for letting high-end clients watch first-run movies at home while the movies are still in the theatres.

Vision Art will bring its Vibrandt TV- and sound bar-concealment system, a surface-mount solution with front-panel artwork to hide a wall-mounted TV and soundbar.

Screen Innovations will show a new screen material with a micro texture said to be nine times finer than the company’s other screen materials to display 8K and higher resolution video.

Monitor Audio will show a high-performance HDMI-equipped soundbar with AirPlay and DLNA to stream music from networked sources such as tablets and smartphones.

Autonomic will show its new Mirage Audio systems, which serve music to up to 96 zones. The MMS-5A will support 192kHz/24-bit audio, and the MM-2 will support 96/26 audio.

NEAR will turn up with a 70-volt outdoor-speaker package, consisting of four two-way speakers, a separate 12-inch subwoofer, and 2×600-watt amp. The speakers can be partially buried in the ground.

For its part, ELK will show its 6030P wireless motion sensor with improved performance and “pet immunity,” Rissi said.

Reliable Software will demonstrate its ReliaSale software for residential integrators to store a job’s quotes, designs, documentation and CAD drawings. The software was designed expressly for the integrator market.