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Krix Pull A ‘Powermove’ To Distribute Concealed Speaker Range

Audio manufacturing company Krix has teamed up with Powermove to distribute and service their concealed speaker range.

Krix is the Adelaide based company which has designed and manufactured loudspeakers for the last four decades, and has their speakers installed in over 70 per cent of Australian cinemas and 3,000 cinemas worldwide. Powermove has spent the last decade distributing loudspeakers and audio products to mass merchant, in recent years they have begun to work with Pioneer Home Entertainment and Toshiba TV.

Powermove Audio Sales and Product Manager, Shelden Walker commented of the announcement of the partnership with Krix.

“We are very excited and honoured to work with Krix as their valued distributor of concealed speakers. Krix have an unmatched reputation in the industry for providing best in class loudspeakers with cutting edge technology and when paired with high quality, uncompromised Pioneer Electronics, the end result is simply outstanding,” Walker said

“We are very much looking forward to expanding the reach of both the Krix and Pioneer brands, and a long, successful partnership with Krix.”

Krix will continue to distribute the rest of it product range to existing dealers.

The concealed speaker range in available now through Powermove.

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