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Kogan Products Win Five-Star Approval Again & Again & Again WOW!

Kogan’s 32-inch Agora Smart LED TV might not have won over critics but the Kogan-branded device sure has a lot of five-star reviews.

The Sydney Morning Herald‘s review declares “you can do better for the same money.”

Gizmodo were so thrilled with the Agora’s smarts that they “actually preferred using the Kogan as an entirely dumb TV.”

The Agora even has an average rating on ProductReview.com.au of 1.8 out of 5 stars.

Nevertheless, the lack of enthusiasm by critics hasn’t deterred Kogan.

According to Kogan’s own listed reviews, it’s got a stellar average of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Allan P awarded the TV full marks on March 6th, saying they “have not opened product as it is a birthday gift.”

Bruce N was a little more critical, rating the TV three-and-a-half stars, simply writing “would not do”.

Peter D gave the Agora five stars, saying “works good with an indoor antenna”, though he admits he’s “still working through setup.”

In fact, Kogan’s review section is a goldmine for brief, inexplicably positive, verdicts on its most popular products.

It almost makes you wonder if the company defaults any user feedback to a five star rating unless otherwise specified.

A four-star review by Albert S for a HDMI Switch says “haven’t used as yet but anticipate it to perform as advertised!”

Meanwhile, Ross and Johanne thought just as highly of the same product, saying “I’m going on the look and feel of the item at this stage as I haven’t had a chance to use it yet” and “It was a present”, respectively.

However, the cream of the crop here has to be Tom’s review of a Power Usage meter.

A cry for help, the three-and-a-half star review simply says, “I am unsure how to work out the cost of power usage.”

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