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Kodak Show Off Retro Cameraphone

Though one of the oldest camera companies in the world, Kodak feels like a company that’s slipped behind the times in recent years. They pivoted to producing Android-based smartphones several years ago and the results haven’t made much of a splash in the tech world.

Their latest handset, the Ektra, looks to evoke the glory days of Kodak with a unique retro design and powerful camera.

Unsurprisingly, Kodak have been quick to talk up the Ektra’s 21-megapixel front-facing lens, saying it “blends high quality low light and night-time photography, utilising ARCSOFT Night Shot technology combined with a Kodak certified lens coating enabling even more light to reach the sensor, as well as reducing ISO noise, brightening underexposed areas and stabilising blur from slow shutter speeds.”

“Dynamic Focus and Object Tracking give additional control over the camera focus while crisp, clear images are guaranteed through automatic Image Noise Reduction features, reducing the need for extensive post-editing.”

Below the hood, things are a little more unremarkable. The Ektra is packing a Helio X20 2.3GHz Decacore processor with 3GB RAM, a 3000mAh battery and support for 32GB memory, expandable with MicroSD cards.

Jeff Clarke, Kodak Chief Executive, said: “Kodak has a rich history in imaging technology and the launch of the KODAK Smartphone today demonstrates our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest advances in photography to consumers.”


“The original KODAK EKTRA Camera was launched in 1941 and in its latest reincarnation, opens up a world of creative opportunities to all who care about photography.”

The Ektra is set to arrive in the European market in December. A rollout to other territories hasn’t been confirmed but a spokesperson told Engadget it would be monitoring market demand and “reacting accordingly.”