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Klipsch Big Winner In New Alexa Play Fi DTS Technology Listing

Leading sound brand Klipsch is the big winner after DTS added several new devices to the list of devices that are Play-Fi and Alexa enabled.

Among the brands added are Klipsch, McIntosh, Onkyo, and Pioneer, as well as Phorus and Soundcast.

Play-Fi technology enables lossless multiroom wireless audio streaming from locally stored music, music-streaming services and Internet radio.

When devices are compatible with both Play-Fi and Works with Alexa, users can control audio playback with an Alexa device by linking the Amazon account to the Play-Fi product.

Alexa will then know the speaker by name, and consumers can use voice control to play a song in a specific room — or a linked group of rooms — to adjust volume, skip tracks, mute, pause, stop the music and more

Once audio begins playing from an Alexa command, the DTS Play-Fi app can be used to add more products into the streaming session.

New Play-Fi products that have received Works with Alexa certification include:

Klipsch Gate
Klipsch PowerGate
Klipsch RW-1
Klipsch The Capitol Three
Klipsch The Three
McIntosh MB50 streaming audio player
McIntosh RS100
Onkyo P3 smart speaker
Phorus PS10 smart speaker
Pioneer F4 smart speaker
Soundcast VG10

The Play-Fi ecosystem now includes more than 200 interoperable speakers, soundbars, set-top boxes and A/V receivers.

They include products from Anthem, Arcam, Definitive Technology, Dish TV, Elite, Integra, Fusion Research, Klipsch, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Onkyo, Paradigm, Phorus, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Rotel, Sonus Faber, Soundcast, SVS Sound, Thiel Audio and Wren Sound.

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