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Klipsch Adds 50 New Custom-Install Speaker Solutions

Klipsch has used home technology trade show CEDIA 2017 to introduce over 50 custom speaker solutions, covering residential and business applications as well as options for both indoors and outdoors.

The audio company said it had incorporated new installation technologies into the new range to make installation faster and cheaper for integrators.

“We have been working diligently on a robust line up of speaker solutions that save integrators time and money, and provide their customers with the best sound experience at virtually any price point,” said Klipsch Group vice president and general manager, professional and component speaker solutions Rob Standley.

Two easier installation methods have been introduced across four new series of architectural speakers from Klipsch.

The Professional Reference Premiere Architectural speakers and Professional Reference use a SecureFit two-piece modular installation system, which Klipsch said enables a one-person installation with a “robust, stable acoustic platform for the speakers” that can also reduce baffle vibration by up to 40%.

Meanwhile the company’s Designer and Custom Architectural speakers feature Sky Hook by Swarm technology that is said to offer a tool-free installation in less than a minute.

“Simply cut a hole, attach wires, press the speaker into the hole, while Sky Hook adapts to the surface thickness with a preset clamping force that virtually eliminates the possibility of breaking the dog leg or cracking drywall,” Klipsch said.

New weather resistant Professional Series Landscape speakers also offer an easy installation while featuring “an ultra-wide 105° dispersion for powerful, balanced sound”.

Klipsch will be showcasing the new custom speaker solutions at CEDIA 2017.

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