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Loewe’s New Speakers Are Wireless, Colourful & LOUD

Loewe Sound Vision

Loewe’s SoundVision is a desktop speaker with swagger. Concealed behind an aluminium grill are six speakers, of which two are subwoofers, linked harmoniously to produce sonorous sound. The grill itself is offered in black and silver, while users can nominate the colour of its interchangeable sides from an almost limitless range.

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The network capable speaker streams internet radio, FM radio, docks iPhones and iPods, and also features a discreet slot-in CD drive.

A versatile user interface is displayed on its 7.5 inch Multi Touch display and allows audiophiles to effectively manage their music library, irrelevant of the source. A favourite menu can be accessed quickly and will store beloved tracks from any of the abovementioned inputs.

An integrated MusicDetector unobtrusively searches the internet for track-relevant information and generates AUPEO! powered recommendations.

Loewe’s SoundVision desktop speaker is available now for $2,299.

Loewe Air Speaker

Imagine lining the different rooms of your house with bespoke wireless speakers that can be controlled seamlessly from your phone. You could turn them on, play a track and moderate the volume without getting up; infusing the halls with sumptuous sound that induces an intoxicating atmosphere.

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Loewe’s Air Speaker advocates this philosophy. Essentially it’s a stylish cube that houses two mid-range speakers, two tweeters and two subwoofers, dishing up 80 watts of power. Compatible with Apple’s AirPlay standard, this wireless speaker can be controlled by an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple’s iTunes.

The Air Speaker has an aux-In port and an on board USB, which facilitates the direct connection of supporting devices.

The speaker itself is built from aluminium—black or silver in colour—and has an interchangeable top mounted inset which is available in any colourway in the RAL spectrum.

Loewe’s Air Speaker is available now for $1,199.

Loewe Soundbox

Springboard: Loewe’s Soundbox entwines the latest digital technology into a sleek enclosure.

Loewes’ Soundbox entwines RDS stereo radio, a high quality CD player and the indispensable alarm with two 4 inch stereo speakers and two digital stereo amplifiers for a one-device-fits-all solution.

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The automatic CD player can read MP3 and WMA formats, but the Soundbox also speaks fluently with Apple’s iPhone complements of an on board dock.

Unlike other docks which rest upon the laurels of an iPhone screen, Loewe’s solution features its own integrated display. It’s also equipped with a USB, Aux-In, headphone connection and a remote control.

Adhering to Loewe’s design philosophy, which is largely based in individual expression, users can nominate the colour of the top inset.

Loewe’s Soundbox is available now for $899.