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JVC Reveals New 8K Laser Projectors

JVC has officially launched what it bills as the world’s first 8K laser projectors with HDMI 2.1, after teasing them a month ago.

The new additions to JVC’s D-ILA range – the DLA-NZ7, NZ8 and NZ9 – can handle 4K gaming at 120fps and 8K gaming at 60fps, and support HDR10+. Each uses JVC’s BLU-Escent laser light source, rated for up to 3000 lumens with a potential lifespan of 20,000 hours, accompanied by all-glass optics.

The DLA-NZ7 and NZ8 each feature a 65mm lens with 17 elements in 15 groups, capable of 2x zoom. The lens can shift 80 per cent vertically and 34 per cent horizontally in either direction with motorised control, allowing for screen sizes between 60 and 200 inches. The NZ7 has 40,000:1 contrast, and the NZ8 80,000:1.

The top-end NZ9 increases the lens size to 100mm with 18 elements in 16 groups and 2x zoom; the lens shift is also increased to 100 per cent vertical and 43 per cent horizontal, for screen sizes between 60 and 300 inches; contrast is also increased to 100,000:1.

The NZ7 sells for $9999.95 USD (around $13,600 AUD), the NZ8 for $14,999.95 USD (around $20,400 AUD), and the NZ9 for $24,999.95 USD (around $34,000 AUD). Official Australian pricing and availability have yet to be revealed.

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