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Judge Rejects Lawsuit Claiming Siri Eavesdrops On Private Conversations

A US judge has rejected a lawsuit claiming Apple’s voice assistant Siri is listening to and recording conversations without user consent.

The consumer suit alleged that Apple devices listen even when users didn’t push a button or use a voice command to engage Siri, resulting in private moments being captured.

Plaintiffs cited violations of various state and federal statutes in the US, including a wiretapping law which forbids international interceptions of communications.

US District Judge Jeffrey White in Oakland, California tossed out the case but gave consumers permission to revise and refile the lawsuit, Bloomberg reports.

White said plaintiffs did not have enough facts to support the claims.

The lawsuit follows a number of media reports and complaints over Siri’s unsolicited eavesdropping in 2019.

Apple responded to the claims and said it would work harder on protecting user data.

“We know that customers have been concerned by recent reports of people listening to audio Siri recordings as part of our Siri quality evaluation process—which we call grading,” Apple said at the time.

“We heard their concerns, immediately suspended human grading of Siri requests and began a thorough review of our practices and policies. We’ve decided to make some changes to Siri as a result.”

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