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Bluetooth, NFC: Panasonic Raise The Soundbar

Bluetooth, NFC: Panasonic Raise The Soundbar 
Panasonic have unveiled its 2014 audio range which includes Soundbars, 3D Blu-ray Home Theatres, and Micro Systems. 

There are three new wall-mountable soundbars in the 2014 line up, SC-HTB880, SC-HTB680 and SC-HTB8, flagged as the best sound quality in a small footprint. 
The new SC-HTB880 (RRP $989) – the flagship – and SC-HTB680 (RRP $549) soundbar have surround sound, Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) which pairs by waving a smartphone over the device. 
The flagship 500w SC-HTB880 has ‘4K Pass Through’ that passes Ultra HD or ‘4K’ video signals directly from a Blu-ray Player for better sound. It is suitable for 50″ TV’s. 
The flagship bar houses the front, centre and surround speakers, wireless subwoofer, Multi Angle Sound, 5.1-channel dynamic surround sound. 
It also has 2nd generation LincsD-Amp, which reduces jitter and other distortion, and apt-X Low Latency.
Both the SC-HTB880/SC-HTB680 have a ‘Delta Form Design’ and inclined top panel space for the installation of large speakers. 
The SC-HTB680 has a 3.1-channel System, Down Firing Subwoofer and bangs out 350w of sound across your living room.  
The entry level Panasonic SC-HTB8GNK has Bluetooth and 2.1 channel system and is suitable for 32-42 inch TV. It costs $219. All Pana’s new soundbars are on sale now.