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Jabra Revamps Elite Sport Earbuds

Building on the success of last year’s ‘true wireless’ sports earbuds, Jabra have announced that a product refresh will be coming to the Elite Sport.

The new earbuds feature the same waterproofing, heart-rate monitor and personalised audio coaching – as well as improvements when it comes to battery life, offering up 4.5 hours to a single charge.

Last year’s earbuds reviewed quite favourably.

In our review, we said that “though this competition is fierce, Jabra’s Elite Sport simply can’t be dismissed as just another pair of wireless headphones. While some inconsistencies when it came to using them in outdoor environments deserve to be noted, they’re still definitely one of the best – and best looking – true wireless solutions available.”

In the US, the new earbuds will cost $249.99.

However, for the Australian market at-least, it looks like the new Elite Sport earbuds will be a due a little further down the track.

Speaking to ChannelNews, Jabra Australia indicated that, due to the several month difference between the Australian and US launches of last year’s Elite Sport, they wouldn’t be announcing any availability for new product this time.

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