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LG Dancing Vacuums, Self-Clean Ovens Attack CES

Aqua Clean Enamel (ACE) coating is a breakthrough in LG oven technology, enabling automatic ‘Self Cleaning’ and ‘Easy Cleaning’ functions in its new ovens revealed today.

With Easy Cleaning, the user just needs to spray water inside the oven, and then warms it up, while the Self Cleaning function uses extremely high heat to remove any traces of grime.

“While some ovens with internal coating have an easy cleaning function, they are unable to cope with the heat required for effective self cleaning. By offering both Easy Cleaning and Self Cleaning functions in our latest ovens, we are adding another layer of smart convenience to consumers’ lives,” said Seong-jin Jo, CEO LG Home Appliance, at CES today.

LG’s new square (as opposed to round models currently available in OZ) robotic vacuum cleaner are also attacking CES this year.

A highly trained troupe of Roboking Square units will demonstrate their maneuverability with a well-choreographed dance routine at select times over the period of the CES event.  .

The Roboking Square boasts a new Corner Master feature with improved sensors and longer brushes, promises better cleaning in hard to reach room corners and other places Ultrasonic and infrared sensors detect obstacles to avoid, while the vacuum’s Dual Eye 2.0 cameras accurately scan and map rooms even when the lights are off.

“From the beginning LG jumped into this project with the realisation that consumer’s rooms aren’t round, they’re rectangular,” said Phillip Anderson, Head of PR for LG Australia.

The robo vacuum uses two improved cameras (most have only one) to plot out a smarter cleaning route.