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Foxtel IPTV To Play ..(& No Contract)

Foxtel IPTV To Play ..(& No Contract)

Foxtel Chief Richard Freudenstein today announced Foxtel Play at the Astra Pay TV conference, allowing subscribers watch TV and movies across a slew of devices including Samsung TVs, Xbox 360, and smartphones, tablets and PC via Foxtel Go app.

The new internet TV service will go live June, part of its “off the box” strategy.

Foxtel Play will enable customers to subscribe by the month with no lock in contracts and build their own entertainment packages from $25 per month.

Play will have 40 channels and 2000+ catch up video on-demand (VOD) titles from across all channels, including movies and premium drama, documentaries, kids and live sports.

“Foxtel Play is the next step in the evolution of our entertainment offering,” said Freudenstein.

It develops Foxtel “off the box” internet TV products, expanding on existing Xbox 360 and Internet TV services on Samsung TVs to provide one internet TV offering across multiple devices.

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Foxtel is hoping the enhanced Play will “welcome a whole new set of customers to Foxtel,” Freudenstein said, as it will be more budget friendly.

Foxtel is currently trying to grow their subscriber numbers, as they recently admitted growth was “subdued” and are hoping new IPTV services will increase penetration of Pay TV in Australia.

“Our core subscription service, which remains the cornerstone of our business, has been augmented by a greatly enlarged On Demand offering and Foxtel Go mobile app,” Foxtel’s CEO said.

Play customers will receive the Foxtel Go mobile service included with their subscription, meaning they can also watch TV on tablets, smartphones and computers.