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Its On: JB Hi-Fi Reveal Digital Video Service

And store it in digital locker. 
JB Hi-Fi today announced the launch of the first digital content service in Australia. 
JB Hi Fi partnered with CSG International to create UltraViolet shopfront, that lets you purchase movies, content and store them in the cloud, in a digital locker. 
You can stream via the web, view offline and remotely on phones, tablets or PC, TV. 

The system includes: UltraViolet digital copy redemption, a digital locker, online and download access to video content (to view offline). It also allows multiple users to view a collection. 
The system is included in physical Blu Ray and DVDs sold, so you can watch them digitally, anywhere. 
Consumers just have to create a JB Hi-Fi digital content login that then autogenerates an UltraViolet account.   

Consumers can stream content from the cloud or manage their video library on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. 

The move was in answer increasing consumer demand for premium digital video content, and will bolster its brand,  said George Papadopoulos, Technology Director for JB Hi-Fi.
As one of the largest big-box retailers in Australia, JB Hi-Fi has more than 180 stores and is the leader in DVD and Blu-Ray sales. The move means many of Hollywood’s largest studios will have direct-to-consumer online storefronts and UltraViolet offerings. 
“JB Hi-Fi wanted to be first to market with UltraViolet to sustain our brand leadership,” he said
“We chose CSG Content Direct because CSG was the only company that could meet our aggressive UV launch schedule and deliver the kind of world-class content experience we wanted for our customers.”

Jim Benz, VP of business development at CSG says the JB Hi-Fi launch showcases the ability to drive UltraViolet’s international expansion and allow retailers to “become serious players in the digital content delivery arena.”
The JB HiFi digital video experience can be found at http://video.jbhifi.com.au/.