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iRobot Rolls Out New Robo Vacs For Oz

Heralded a “leader in consumer home robots” and listed on the American Stock Exchange, iRobot has unveiled three vacuum robots set to roll out in Australia – the Roomba® 890, Roomba®690 and Roomba®637.

The Wi-Fi connected home vacuuming robots are intended to deploy “smart home technology at a more affordable price”.

The robo vacs accompany the iRobot HOME App, which enables the devices to “clean on demand” remotely.

Using the Android and iOS compatible app, users can schedule a vacuum up to seven times a week.

Christian Cerda, COO, iRobot affirms that the new products will enable consumers to experience a more convenient and customised cleaning experience:=

“Adding Wi-Fi connectivity and iRobot HOME App support to our Roomba 890 and 690 vacuuming robots enriches our customers’ interaction and experience”

“We’ve built customer centric features directly into the app – from scheduling cleaning jobs, to notifications and direct access to customer support – allowing for more customized, powerful cleaning assistance, every day”.

Roomba 890

[$1099 RRP – available in Q4 in major electrical retail stores]

The Roomba 890 is aimed at alleviating the battle consumers face with pet hair, featuring counter-rotating “Tangle-Free Extractors”.

The extractors are said to collect dirt and hair from “any floor type”, whilst reducing brush maintenance and hair tangles.

A suite of sensors enables the 890 to “navigate under furniture” and “around clutter”.

The second generation  2 motor produces five times the air power (compared to previous models) and features a patented AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, which uses a “combination of agitation, extraction and suction” to collect and remove dirt and debris.

Upon completion of its cleaning job, the Roomba 890 returns to its charging station to recharge.

Roomba 690

[$849 RRP – Available for purchase immediately in major electrical retail stores]

The Roomba 690 is a more cost-effective offering, said to provide the “luxury of automated cleaning at a more affordable price”.

The 690 robo vac stands just under 9.3cm tall, providing it increased agility to navigate around the house.

Roomba 637

[$599 RRP -Available in Q4 in major electrical retail stores]

The Roomba 637 is iRobot’s more budget offering, though still features a patented “3-stage cleaning process” with counter-rotating brushes.

The company claims the 637 robo vac is a “powerful vacuum” with the ability to remove dirt and debris from hard floors and carpets.


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