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iPhone 13 Out Of Touch, iPad Mini Goes Jelly

Just a couple of weeks into public life and the iPhone 13 is already a touchy subject for some owners, with reports the system can be erratic in its response to touch, at times failing to respond when tapped or swiped.

As it only happens sporadically, some users may not have noticed it, so it isn’t yet apparent if it’s a fault in the hardware or something to do with the recent iOS 15 update.

Still, while a lot of new hardware can have issues early in their run, the reports say it can occur almost anytime, from playing games or switching apps, to tap-to-wake or even using the phone normally.

Apple has also had to update iOS 15 after a bug was stopping some users using “unlock my Apple Watch” on their iPhone 13.

The new iPad Mini is also copping some flak for a display issue that’s being called “jelly scrolling”.

This refers to when it seems like half the screen is refreshing slower than the other, though Apple have come out saying it isn’t an issue and that it is normal for LCD displays.

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