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IoT-Net Is In The Works, Says Boost Founder

Speaking to media in Sydney last week, Boost Mobile co-founder and former-CEO of 360Fly Peter Adderton predicted that the task of connecting the “Internet-Of-Things” will soon be handled by carriers through a it’s own dedicated network, rather than just over 4G or 5G.

“You arguably don’t need 5G for the Internet-Of-Things,” he said.

“In fact, I’d argue that they’re going to build a network specifically for the internet of things.”

Adderton cited a low demand for spectrum by IoT, saying “the carriers sell that story of “Hey the Internet-Of-Things is coming” but I think there will be a lot more competitors coming out with low-cost networks because the 4G and 5G networks as we know them today are designed to be specifically pinging – constantly looking for information.

“The Internet-Of-Things doesn’t need that,” he said.

Adderton predicts this reality will result in “a whole different network…created specifically for the Internet-Of-Things”.

He says “when you start looking at it, the Internet-Of-Things network that you require to do the information that you need it to do does not need to be a cellular network like we have today”

“I know that there are networks that are being proposed and looked at for the Internet-Of-Things that are not traditional networks that you see today – 4G, 5G and across the board.”

Specifically, he says satellite-based networks will likely play a role.

According to him, “I think there are a bunch of security issues related to that that are going to be brought in but the bottom line is the Internet-Of-Things – a lot of them don’t need to be constantly talking to the network all the time – so if you take that inefficiency out of the network you can make it [at] a lot less cost.”

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