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iOS 16 Will Let You Skip CAPTCHA Tests

A new feature of Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 operating system will allow users to skip some annoying CAPTCHA tests.

The Cupertino based company are introducing ‘Automatic Verification’, which will automatically inform certain apps and websites that you aren’t a bot, so that you don’t have to interpret jumbled hieroglyphics or click on a number of photos of buses.

Apple have developed the new feature alongside Cloudflare and Fastly, so only sites and apps that use these services for spam protection will allow users to bypass the CAPTCHA. That being said, these two companies alone cover a large portion of websites, apps and services.

Instead of needing to fill out a CAPTCHA, the site in question will simply ask for verification from your device, asking if the user is indeed human, which is determined by a number of factors.

Apple has stressed that whilst your Apple ID is being used as proof of being a human, no actual data is shared with the sites or any associates (such as Cloudflare or Fastly). The only data they receive is the tick of approval that states that you are a real person.

Fastly have reported that Google also helped to develop the technology, and have worked on developing similar systems for Chrome, so it’s likely that a similar system will roll out for Android in the future.

Apple will also be rolling out the feature with macOS Ventura for their notebooks.

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