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Intel’s Thunderbolt 5 Will Double Bandwidth Of Thunderbolt 4

According to information gleamed from Intel’s Israeli lab, the company is working on Thunderbolt 5, which will support twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4: up to 80 Gbps.

Intel executive Gregory Bryant tweeted out a number of photos of his company’s Israel team working on the Thunderbolt standard, which revealed key details about the product.

Thunderbolt 5 will double the bandwidth while using the USB-C port, making it compatible with existing machines. It will do so by using Pulse Amplitude Modulation, which uses binary to transmit two bits of data in each cycle, therefore increasing the bandwidth by transferring more data each time.

Considering that Thunderbolt 4 only started shipping last year, and 3 is still the standard for most, it will be a while before we see this come to market. Still, it’s exciting to know it’s coming.

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